Seeking, Sharing, Serving
Scroll down the page to view pictures of recent activities of Second Church and its members!  Photo contributors include Kay Mader, Pam Snyder, Andy Easley, Doug Sensabaugh, Sue Gochenour, James Mader, Evan Smith, Sherrill Robinson & Bob Ridle.

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APRIL 2017

April 16th - Easter Sunday and Second Church Welcomes new members!

Easter Sunday was extra special at Second Church this year, as six new members joined the
congregation.  Above, Pastor Evan Smith installs new members (L-R)
Valerie Simmons, Janet & Joe Witcofsky, Linda Sargent, Linda Queen, and Jim Sargent.

The Easter Flower Cross Returns!

In a tradition started by (late members) Eunice Wenger and Frances Crickard, a cross with a wire
mesh for attaching flowers was erected at the corned of the church's lot.  As worshipers arrived
Easter Sunday, they attached fresh and silk flowers until this eternal symbol of Christ's victory
was covered.
Thanks to the Christian Education/Worship Committee for bringing back this marvelous idea!

Jim and Linda Wright
Terri & David King
Ann Ridle & John Brown


Maundy Thursday - April 13th

We remember the "Upper Room".
In what has become a tradition at Second Church, our Maundy Thursday
service becomes a re-enactment of the Apostles' Last Supper with Jesus.
Above, the table is set for the Sacrament of Communion. 
Above, Pastor Evan Smith leads the congregation in remembering Jesus' final
meal with his Apostles.  Members came forward in groups of 12 to be
seated around a "Last Supper" table to actively participate in the sacrament. 
Those at the table served one another the body and blood of Christ by serving
the bread and juice to each other.


April 9th - Palm Sunday Luncheon

As part of Second Presbyterian Church's Palm Sunday Luncheon, members of the congregation bake cakes
to be served as dessert following the meal.  The cakes are formed in traditional Easter shapes or
crosses symbolizing Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of man.  This year's cakes are shown below.

                                                      Special thanks to Andy Easley for photographing the cakes.

Pecan Cross Cake - Betty Clemmer
Bunny Cake - Darlene Mason
Cross Cake - Sherrill Robinson
Heart Cake - Susan Johnson
Cross w/Flower Cake - Talitha Hippeard


PW Sunday - April 2nd

On April 2nd, Second Church celebrated the gifts of women. Pictured below are members of the Women's Choir.
Women's Choir (L-R)
Front Row - Jo Fields (who delivered the sermon), Darlene Mason, Talitha Hippeard, & Pam Snyder (Choir Director).
Back Row - Linda Lickliter, Sherrill Robinson, Betty Landes, Melissa Archer,
& Kathy Holsinger.


MARCH 2017

The 61st session of the UN "Commission on the Status of Women" is underway in
 New York City.  This year's theme is "Women's Economic Empowerment in the
Changing World of Work".  Pam Snyder is attending the Commission as a member
of the PC (USA) delegation.  Pam will be providing Second Church with photos
and comment on the events.  See below.
March 20th Update
From Pam's March 20th update.
"My last day at the UN looking at the HER a Story exhibit."
March 15th Update
From Pam's March 15th update.
"I'm at the UN as a delegate to the Commission. Participating with
Ecumenical Women this afternoon in Public Witness event working for
justice. We who believe in freedom cannot rest until there is no more
violence against women and girls in the world!"


March 1st - The "Imposition of Ashes".

At the conclusion of the March 1st family night dinner in
Fellowship Hall, an Ash Wednesday Service was held.
Above - Rev. Evan Smith marks the forehead of Bob Ridle
with the sign of the cross in palm ashes to mark the start of
the Lenten season.



Session members participate in day long retreat.

On February 25th, members of Session met in a day long retreat at the Staunton Library's
 meeting room. The group discussed strategies for the future growth of Second Church.
Pictured above, clockwise from the bottom, Linda Lickliter, Sue Gochenour, Mary Rainey,
Pam Snyder, Rev. Smith, Andy Easley, Woodie Wimer, Matt Ramsey, Darlene Mason,
and Jo Fields.  Not pictured - Bob Ridle (taking the photo).



Meet the Session Class of 2019!

The four elders chosen by the congregation to be members of the Session's
Class of 2019 were installed by Rev. Smith during the January 15th Worship Service.  
 Above (L-R) - Nancy Swisher, Bob Ridle, Dick Robinson, and Woodie Wimer.

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