Seeking, Sharing, Serving
Scroll down the page to view pictures of recent activities of Second Church and its members!  Photo contributors include Kay Mader, Pam Snyder, Andy Easley, Doug Sensabaugh, Sue Gochenour, James Mader, Evan Smith, Sherrill Robinson & Bob Ridle.

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OCTOBER - 2016

October 16 - Soup & Sandwich Luncheon

The Soup Brigade - Sue Gochenour, Jean Flower, Darlene Mason,
Linda Fry, and Betty Landes.
Plenty of Desserts!
And plenty of drinks!
Maxine Robertson and son Mark enjoy the soup and sandwiches.
Good food and good conversation.
Allen Archer snags another sandwich.



September 14 - Church Night Family Dinner/Baja Mission Update

Andy Easley's setup for the Baja Mission Report is high tech
all the way...two computers and a sombrero!  The slides and
video were projected on the hall's big screen.
Darlene Mason's display is more traditional, featuring lots of
photos of her build, as well as memorabilia, and individual photos
of the team members who participated.
Fellowship Hall begins to fill with folks enjoying the Family Night
Dinner at Second Church.
Without Maria, Pastor Evan needed a little help during the meal.
Here, Sherrill Robinson takes over the feeding of Micah, while Dad
and Judah head to the chow line!
It's Showtime in Fellowship Hall!  Andy Easley and Darlene Mason "show & tell" all about the 2016 trip to Vicente Guerrero. 
The annual mission trip is organized by the Highland-Augusta
Mission Community.
Andy and Darlene always work as a team during the annual
Baja Report presentation.


PW Lifetime Award presented on September 11th.

Maxine Robertson (R) presents Kay Mader with the PW 2016 Honarary Lifetime
Membership Award at the beginning of Sunday's Worship.  Kay was honored for her
decades of dedication to Second Church.  The presentation noted that, "Kay is a
 dedicated worker who goes above and beyond her assigned duties. 
 Whenever a job needs to be done, Kay is there to do it."  


AUGUST - 2016

The Ovation Singers perform at Second Church's Annual Picnic on August 17th.



Micah Benjamin Smith was Baptized on Sunday, August 7th.

Rev. Evan Smith and wife, Maria, baptize the newest member of
the family, Micah Benjamin Smith.
Dad, Mom and Micah!


JULY - 2016

The Congregation was entertained by the Archer family during the July 3rd service.

A Family Affair with a Patriotic Touch!
Melissa Archer, her daughter, son-in-law, three grandchildren,
and Allen and Melissa's daughter, Katherine (Patriotic Medley)
Melissa with daughter, Katherine and granddaughter, Riley (Jesus Loves Me)


JUNE - 2016

June 12th - Below are some scenes Second Church's First Patio Party of the Season.

Congratulations to the Easleys!

June 12th was also the 70th Wedding Anniversary for Brannock and
Patsy Easley!


Second Church honored the graduates on June 5th!

2016 Graduates were recognized  during the Sunday Worship Service.
(L-R) Chandler Snyder - Lee High, Kelly Johnson - Va. Tech,
Dylan Wimer - Lee High, Scott Dice - Lee High, and Mary Rainey, Chair of the
Christian Education/Worship Committee.
After the service, a reception was held in their honor in Fellowship Hall.

Below are some scenes from the reception.


APRIL - 2016

Baja Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser - April 6th
This year's event brought in over $1500 for the Baja Mission Trip...Gracias!
Two tubs of humongous spuds are ready for the ovens.
There's salad too.  Here, Darlene Mason prepares the tomatoes.
And the race is on!  Above, Sue Gochenour has just finished
topping off a large baked potato with extra chili.
So many choices, so little time!
Allen Archer is overwhelmed with the selection of desserts.
The line forms here! 
Fellowship Hall begins to fill up. 
As supporters of the Baja Mission Trip enjoy their meal.  The
screen on the stage displays a video, produced by Andy Easley,
of last year's mission trip to Vicente Guerrero.


MARCH - 2016

Maundy Thursday - March 24th

Reflecting on the atmosphere in the "Upper Room".
As we first did last year, the congregation came forward in groups of 12
to be seated around a "Last Supper" table to actively participate in
the sacrament.  Those at the table served one another the body and
blood of Christ by serving the bread and juice to each other.  This year
participants dipped the bread into the juice before consuming.


Palm Sunday - March 20th

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Photos courtesy of Chuck & Pat Blackley.

Palm Sunday came early this year!  Below are a few photos from the Palm Sunday luncheon in Fellowship Hall.
As part of Second Presbyterian Church's Palm Sunday Luncheon, members of the congregation bake cakes to be served as dessert following the meal.  The cakes traditionally reflect images associated with the Easter season.
Below are this year's cakes.
Lamb Cake - Nancy Swisher
Lamb Cake - William Jack
Cross Cake - Sherrill Robinson
Cup Cakes - Linda Lickliter
Susan & Emily Johnson with their Cross Cake
See the close-up picture next door!
Cross Cake - The Johnsons


PW Sunday - March 16th

Women's Choir
Darlene Mason delivers the sermon on "Love" on PW Sunday.




Pastor Evan and wife Maria's new baby arrived at 7:05 PM, Friday, Feb. 19th!

Welcome, Micah Benjamin Smith - 8 pounds - 18 1/2 inches long.

Maria and Micah.
The first of many.
Micah, Evan & Judah.
Judah's excited about his new little brother!
That tickles Daddy!
After a pretty exciting first day, it's time for some shut-eye.


JANUARY - 2016

Snowstorm Cancels January 24th Services.

THE AFTERMATH - Thanks to Andy Easley for the photo above!


Meet the Session Class of 2018!

The four elders chosen by the congregation to be members of the Session's
Class of 2018 were installed during the January 17th Worship Service.  
 Above (L-R) - Matt Ramsey, Jo Fields, Darlene Mason, and
Mary Rainey.


This was Matt Ramsey's (kneeling) first time serving as an Elder at Second Church, so an
ordination ceremony was part of the Sunday Worship as well.  During the ordination all
ordained Elders of the church came forward for the "laying on of hands".


Above - Rev. Evan Smith & Kathy Holsinger.
January 17th was a busy Sunday at Second Church!  The congregation recognized and
 honored Kathy Holsinger for her 8 1/2 years as Church Secretary, and wished her all the best
for an enjoyable retirement.  Kathy is a long-time member of the congregation and continues
to be active in the life of the church.



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