Seeking, Sharing, Serving
Scroll down the page to view pictures of recent activities of Second Church and its members!  Photo contributors include Kay Mader, Pam Snyder, Andy Easley, Doug Sensabaugh, Sue Gochenour, James Mader, Evan Smith, Sherrill Robinson & Bob Ridle.

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December 13th - Some scenes from the Christmas Family Night Dinner

Before this year's Christmas play, members of the Second Church family enjoy the pot-luck dinner in Fellowship Hall!
Who needs a wide-angle lens? 
The three photos above, with some obvious overlap, show the entire cast and crew of the this year's hilarious play entitled "Christ-missed".
(L-R) Pam Snyder, Chandler Snyder, Betty Clemmer, Henry Tyree, Darlene Mason, Jo Fields, Kemper Snyder, Emily Johnson...and then the
four trouble-makers in the cast, Matt Robertson, Bob Ridle, Mark Robertson and Andy Easley.


December 13th - Some scenes from the Worship Service & Cantata

Brooke & Debbie Sedr prepare to light the Advent Candle.
Allen Archer opens the Cantata with a solo performance of
"The Call".
Under the direction of Pam Snyder, the Chancel Choir is seen in
full voice during this year's Cantata, One Silent Night.
Andy Easley sings "The Wise Men".
Dick Hippeard and Choir Director, Pam Snyder, perform the classic
"We Three Kings".
Rev. Evan Smith helps deliver a certificate of recognition to Pam
Snyder.  Pam was recognized by PW for her three years of service
on the National Board of Presbyterian Women.


Ringing the Bells for the Salvation Army

December 5th found Second Church volunteers again helping the
Salvation Army raise funds at Christmas time.
Ralph Weller and Larry Brown man their posts at
Staunton's Walmart.
Darlene Mason and Kathy Holsinger take a turn helping the
Salvation Army assist the less fortunate.
Salvation Army bell ringing "night shift"!
(L-R) Bob Ridle, Coco-nut, and Andy Easley.
(Coco-nut was on loan from Andy's daughter, Gennie.)



November 29th - Hanging of The Green

The Sanctuary Christmas Tree.
Hugh and Nancy Swisher prepare the choir loft garland for
Putting the garland in place...(L-R) Woodie Wimer, Matt Ramsey,
and Darlene Mason.
Planning the Christmas decorations for Fellowship Hall are (L-R)...
Barbara Daugherty, Linda Fry, Mary Rainey, and Kay Mader.
Christmas Manger Scene on the Fellowship Hall stage.
Garland with lights adorns the balcony at the back of the Sanctuary.
While Christmas wreaths flank Second Church's front doors.


Helping The Salvation Army

Once again, Second Church's Community Service Group, led by Chuck & Pat Blackley,
took on the task of helping the Salvation Army set up its Christmas Toy Store for kids in need.
                                                                                                                         Photos - Sherrill Robinson
This year's volunteer group included (L-R) Beth Ramsey, Mary Rainey, Stewart Sherwood,
Andy Easley, Chuck & Pat Blackley, Frank & Carolyn Brown, Becky Sherwood and
Betty Casiday.  Not Pictured - Sherrill Robinson
William Jack and Linda Fry.


OCTOBER - 2015

October 18 - Soup & Sandwich Luncheon

Second Church's annual Soup & Sandwich Luncheon highlights the
UN's World Food Day, and the needs of the hungry, while raising
funds to be used locally to alleviate hunger.
Servers above include Sue Gochenor, Linda Fry, Andy Easley,
Betty Landes, and Nancy Swisher.  Not pictured - Jean Flower.
Second Church members enjoy their soup and sandwiches in
Fellowship Hall, while offering financial support to help those in
need of food in our community.



September 27 - Betty Clemmer & Family

A Second Recipient! - This year the PW of Second Church awarded two members
their Lifetime Membership Award.  Since Betty Clemmer was out of town Sept.
20th, she was stunned on September 27th when her far-flung family traveled to
Second Church to surprise her during the award presentation.  Betty joins
Martha Wilkerson (see below) as this year's honorees.

September 20 - Rally Day Breakfast & Recognitions

It's a family affair!  Paul Wolfe, daughter Teri King, and son-in-law
David King prepare the meal for Second Church's Rally Day
Second Church members enjoy the breakfast in Fellowship Hall
prior to the Sunday worship service.
Jean Flower (L) was honored for her 49 years of teaching Sunday
 School and Bible Study at Second Church.  Above, Mary Rainey
presents Jean with the commendation.
Martha Wilkerson was surrounded by her family as she was honored
with a PW Lifetime Membership Award!


September 16 - Church Night Family Dinner/Baja Mission Update

While Allen Archer (C) and Tim Clemmer (R) look on, Andy Easley
sets up his computer & projector to share images of this year's Baja Mission Trip to Mexico. 
If it's a Church Night Family Dinner, there's got to be food!  Pastor
Evan Smith (L) and Baja Mission participant Darlene Mason (R)
share a laugh while dining.
It's Showtime in Fellowship Hall!  Andy Easley and Darlene Mason "show & tell" all about this year's trip to Vicente Guerrero.  This annual mission trip is organized by the Highland-Augusta Mission Community.
Here's a close-up of the display Darlene put together to highlight
this year's construction.  Two new homes were built side-by-side
for two sisters and their families.  The small brown structure on the
right side of the table is a model of the dwelling the families had
been living in!


September 12 - The Big Event

Congratulations Darlene!

                                                                                                                                      Thanks to Pam Snyder for the photos below.

At the Shenandoah Presbytery's Big Event at Massanetta,
Second Church's Darlene Mason sits with her display
highlighting this year's Baja Mission Trip to Mexico.
Darlene's efforts won a Second Place Certificate and $50,
which she is donating to the maintenance of the mission
 facility at Vincente Guerrero!


AUGUST - 2015

August 12 - Church Picnic

Below are some random scenes from Second Church's annual picnic at the
American Legion Hall in Staunton.
                                                                                                                        Thanks to Sherrill Robinson for the photos below.
Betty Casiday and Dick Robinson working in the kitchen at
the American Legion Hall.
Hungry Second Church members line up for the fried chicken!
(L) Charlotte and Cory Dale - (R) Linda Lickliter and Mark
Lincoln Nuckols, son of Bliss & Pickle Nuckols, watches
Andy Easley tune his guitar prior to the hymn sing.
Mark Robertson uses his t-shirt to promote his choice
for next year's picnic location!
Jerry Fry demonstrates the proper technique for handling a drumstick!


JULY - 2015

July 12 - Take a Trip to Africa

Below are just a few scenes from the Sunday evening event in Fellowship Hall.

The CE/Worship Committee hosted a slide presentation by Second
Church members Chuck & Pat Blackley on their trip to Africa.
Above - Pat & Chuck just prior to the show.
The very first slide depicted the flight path from Dulles Airport
to Johannesburg.  Flight time 18 hours!
One of several game preserves the Blackleys visited.
Second Church members look on, as Pat Blackley narrates the trip.
The ice cream social following the event gave folks a chance to ask
questions...and there were plenty!


Congratulations to the Moyers on their 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Long time Second Church members Mac and Kay Moyer were married in the
church's sanctuary July 3rd, 1965.  On Sunday, July 5th, their family and friends
honored them with a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration in Fellowship Hall.
Above - Mac & Kay with children and spouses.


JUNE - 2015

June 7th - 10:30 AM...our first "early" summertime worship service.

For the first time in almost two decades, Second Church returned to an earlier
worship time for summertime services.  Above Left -  Olin and Leah Swisher with
 daughter Kailyn and son Jayce.  Right - Maria Smith and son Judah.  In the
background (extreme right), you can just see Kailyn and Jayce's Great Aunt,
Mary Rainey. 


MAY - 2015

May 31st - Graduation Recognition & The Season's First Patio Party

Mary Rainey poses with 2015 Ferrum College Graduate Katie Dice.
Second Church recognized Katie following Sunday's service.
Katie graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ferrum College with a Bachelor's
Degree in Criminal Justice, with a Minor in Sociology. 
She is the daughter of Harry and Melissa Dice, and the granddaughter of
Shirley and (the late) H. B. Dice and Mac and Kay Moyer.

The weather was ideal for the first Patio Party of the season!

Posted below are a couple of scenes from the get-together on the patio.



May 17th in Fellowship Hall...considering the possibilities!

Second Church members enjoy the pot-luck dinner after worship on May 17th.
The dinner led up to a presentation by Pastor Evan Smith on the
future of Second Church.  Above, Evan begins to explain the
vision he has for the growth of our church.
Through his talk and his power point display, Evan explained how
utilizing the talents God has given us, we grow in discipleship and
grow as a congregation.
The power point display included graphs showing the peaks and
valleys in membership at Second Church over the years.


Meals on Wheels Recognition - May 7th

Second Church Community Volunteers in Action!

Coordinator Martha Wilkerson presents volunteer Stewart Sherwood with a note of recognition and gratitude from Staunton's Meals-On-Wheels program.  After 28 years of faithfully delivering meals to
those in need, Stewart is stepping down.  In that time he clocked
 over 3,600 miles and delivered 4,480 meals as one of Second
Church's most faithful volunteers.
Martha has her replacements ready to go!
Above, Woodie & Nita Wimer get a look at the route they will be
driving as they take over from Stewart.  Second Church Volunteers
make sure that Stewart's deliveries will continue without interruption.


APRIL - 2015

Baja Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser - April 8th

Fellowship Hall is ready for the crowd.
Andy Easley sets up his PowerPoint display featuring last year's
Baja Mission trip home building in Vicente Guerrero.
Folks line up, grab a humongous potato, and pile on the toppings...
chili, chives, butter, sour cream, broccoli, melted cheese, bacon bits,
and more!
Fellowship Hall fills up!  Participants enjoy their baked potatoes,
salad, dessert, and drinks.  Donations support the Highland-Augusta Mission Community's annual Mission Trip to Baja, Mexico.
Mark Robertson prepares to dig in to his picture perfect meal!
Pastor Evan, wife Maria and baby Judah experience their first
Second Church Baked Potato Bar event.


Easter Sunday - April 5th

The Sanctuary is adorned in spring flowers for the Easter Service.
Many of the flowers honored the memory of those now with the Lord.
The JuBELLation Hand Bell Choir gets in some last minute
practice time prior to the Easter Service.
Now it's official!
Easter Sunday found Second Presbyterian Church welcoming into membership Maria Smith, and Allen and Melissa Archer.
The Easter Sunday Service also included the Sacrament of
Baptism.  Above, Pastor Evan and wife Maria sprinkle the baptismal
water over the head of their son, Judah Fisher Smith.
No caption needed.


Maundy Thursday - April 2nd

We remember the "Upper Room".
At the Maundy Thursday service, Pastor Evan Smith led the congregation in a
different approach to receiving Communion.  The congregation came forward
in groups of 12 to be seated around a "Last Supper" table to actively participate
 in the sacrament.  Those at the table served one another the body and blood of Christ by serving the bread and juice to each other.


MARCH - 2015

Palm Sunday - March 29th

My how things have changed for Pastor Evan and wife Maria
from Palm Sunday 2014!
The arrival of  baby Judah has meant Mom and Dad have to bring along
a lot more "stuff" to church than ever before.  Including the baby suspended
from Dad's right hand.


This year's Palm Sunday Luncheon featured turkey, ham, cakes, drinks, and wonderful side dishes brought
by members.  Below are a few random photos from the luncheon in Fellowship Hall.
As part of Second Presbyterian Church's Palm Sunday Luncheon, members of the congregation bake cakes to be served as dessert following the meal.  The cakes traditionally reflect images associated with the Easter season.
Below are this year's cakes.
Lamb Cake - Darlene Mason
Cross Cake - Susan & Emily Johnson
Cross Cake - Sherrill Robinson
Velvet Cake - Maxine Robertson
Bunny Cake - Darlene Mason
Lamb Cake - William Jack


The 59th session of the UN "Commission on the Status of Women" is underway in
 New York City.  Among the many delegates are Presbyterians representing PC (USA),
including our own Pam Snyder.  Pam will be providing Second Church with photos
and comment on the events.  See below.
From Pam's March 10th update.
"From left, Nomisis Bata, Commissioner for the Commission for Gender Equality,
South Africa ; Patsy Davis, Baptist World Alliance, me.  At UN Commission on
the Status of Women. We are attending an event on Violence Against Women
and Girls in Conflict Situations: the Case of Somalia"


From Pam's March 8th update.
"Times Square. International Women's Mach in NY!"


March 8th - A PW Sunday - Celebrating the Gifts of Women
From Sunday's Litany for all the faithful women.
"Creator, God, we thank you for women who are filled with your life giving spirit;
for women with words from the divine; for women who advocate for justice;
for women who speak truth;  for women called by God to serve in the Church of Jesus Christ."
BELOW - Some pictures of the activities at Second Presbyterian Church on Sunday, March 15th.  This was a special Sunday set aside
to honor Christian women everywhere, with a special focus on Presbyterian Women.
Don Reid delivered Sunday's Sermon entitled "Women's Work".
Above he greets worshipers following the service.
Here, Second Church PW Moderator Mary Rainey is seen with
Don Reid after Sunday's event honoring women.
As part of Sunday's special service the men of Second Church took
on all the supporting rolls.  The Chancel Choir featured only the men
singing.  While above, only the men handled usher duties.
Flowers on the Communion Table were given to the Glory of God
and in honor of Presbyterian Women by Mary Rainey.
Evan meets a Statler Brother!
Local folks are used to encountering any of the Statler Brothers anywhere around Staunton.
We run into them at the supermarket, gas station, dry cleaners, etc....and have for years.
Not so, for Second Church's Pastor Evan Smith, this was a first for him.  And judging from the
grin on Evan's face, meeting Don Reid was very special.


Sunday, March 1st - All Services were finally a go!

After the combination of bitter cold temperatures and heavy snow forced cancellation of worship
February 15th & 22nd, the Sanctuary was busy again.  Below are a few random shots...taken at the front
and the back of the sanctuary just prior to worship resuming.
BELOW - Organist Allen Archer slides behind the console of Second Church's magnificent pipe organ.  Allen's talent and the organ's
sound are an incredible combination.  In fact, visitors to our sanctuary often comment just how good Allen is.
SANCTUARY FRONT - The seldom seen Allen Archer!
Despite the choir loft's height, Allen's location in the pit area, makes
him one of the least seen members of the Sunday Worship Team. 
He is simultaneously above and below the pulpit area and relies on
mirrors to view, and coordinate with, the worship activities going on
below him in the sanctuary.
SANCTUARY FRONT - Mirrors & Monitors
In addition to the mirror bolted on to the right side of the console,
there is another mirror mounted high overhead on one of the church's arched beams which gives Allen a bird's eye view of the front of
the sanctuary.  Note the video monitor above and behind
Allen's head.  The monitor allows the choir to see both the Pastor
and lay reader during services.
SANCTUARY FRONT - The Communion Table
Second Church celebrated the Sacrament of Communion on March 1st.
...and when he had given thanks, he broke it and said, "This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me."
SANCTUARY FRONT - A beautiful Rose.
This rose was in honor of the birth of Liam Evan Hippeard, son of
Ian and Lindsay Hippeard, grandson of Steve Hippeard, and great-
grandson of Talitha and Dick Hippeard.  Little Liam was born on
the 14th of February.
SANCTUARY BACK - The AV Assistant.
After weeks of inaction, the "Presbyterian Bear" surfaces again!
This time he was found perched atop the video camera high up in the
balcony at the back of the sanctuary where the church's audio/video
controls are located.  After a brief training session, he was allowed to
handle the video camera during Sunday's service.


JANUARY - 2015

Meet the Session Class of 2017!

There were four elders chosen by the congregation to be members of the Session's
Class of 2017.  Elected were (L-R) Sue Gochenour, Andy Easley, Linda Lickliter, and
(not pictured) Pam Snyder.

The New Session holds its first meeting of the New Year.

The first meeting of 2015 for the new Session of Second Presbyterian Church.
Clockwise from the bottom - Sue Gochenour, Linda Lickliter, Mark Robertson,
Dick Robinson, Larry Brown, Mary Rainey, Andy Easley, Rev. Evan Smith,
James Mader, and Woodie Wimer.
Not pictured - Pam Snyder, Nancy Swisher, and Frank Brown.



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