Seeking, Sharing, Serving
Scroll down the page to view pictures of recent activities of Second Church and its members!  Photo contributors include Kay Mader, Pam Snyder, Andy Easley, Doug Sensabaugh, Sue Gochenour, James Mader, Evan Smith & Bob Ridle.

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For Pastor Evan and wife Maria, New Year's Eve was extra special!

Babies always seem to arrive on their own schedule.  Such was the case with
Evan & Maria's first baby.  Not expected until the first month of 2015, Judah
Fisher Smith decided New Year's Eve 2014 would be just fine!


Baby Shower Time!

With our Pastor and wife Maria expecting their first baby in January,
the PW of Second Presbyterian hosted a baby shower in Fellowship
Hall on Sunday, December 14th.
Maria and the Moms!
Mother-in-Law, Judy Smith, Maria and Mom, Mary Lou Whitmore.


December 14th's Christmas Cantata at Second Church.

The darkened sanctuary added a special feel to this year's
Christmas Cantata, "Darkness to Light".
Above - Dick Hippeard on sax and Pam Snyder at the piano


Scenes from the December 7th Church Night Supper in Fellowship Hall

Above - Andy Easley provides the Christmas music on his guitar.
After enjoying the family night covered dish supper, singing
Christmas Carols was next on the agenda.
Jo Fields was the narrator for this year's Christmas play, directed
by Pam Snyder.
As you can tell from the costumes, this year's play,
"Away From The Manger", had a humorous angle.  Above - Andy Easley, Pickle Nuckols, and Sherrill Robinson portray Magi
who failed to make it to the manger.
Did we mention this year's play was a humorous production?
Linda Lickliter's expression says it all!
Above - The entire cast enjoys a round of applause.
Of all the zany costumes, Kriston Snyder's was perhaps the best.
She was dressed as a Christmas Tree!


Helping The Salvation Army

December 6th found Second Church volunteers once again helping the
Salvation Army raise funds at Christmas time.
Above - James Mader and Dick Robinson man their posts at
Staunton's Walmart.
Bob Ridle and Andy Easley had the final shift on what turned
out to be a cold, wet & blustery night!


On December 1st, Second Church's Community Service Group, led by Chuck & Pat Blackley,
took on the task of helping the Salvation Army set up its Christmas Toy Store for kids in need.
Above - The tables are mostly bare to start.  Here Second Church
volunteers start by labeling the tables by sex and age groups.  This season the store is located in the old CVS building on W. Beverley Street in Staunton.
Then the truck with donated toys arrives and Second Church folks
swing into action, unpacking and distributing the toys.  In addition
 to the Blackleys, this year's team included Beth Ramsey, Betty
Casiday, Darlene Mason, William Jack, Susie Key, Sue Gochenour,
Mary McNamara, Stewart Sherwood and Bob Ridle.
Above - What a difference!  After awhile, the tables begin to fill
with toys.  Thanks to the generous folks who donate, and the efforts
 of the Salvation Army, deserving children in the area will receive
 a gift sure to brighten their Christmas.
Here's a closeup of just one of the many tables filled with gifts.


Richard Beard Honored

On the First Sunday of Advent (Nov. 30) Second Presbyterian Church
honored Richard Beard for his 57 years as a member of the church's
Chancel Choir.  Above, Mary Rainey makes the presentation to Richard.

Hanging Of The Green

The annual "Hanging of the Green" at Second Church takes place both inside and outside the church.  Above left, Pat Blackley and
Kay Mader work on the manger scene in Fellowship Hall.  Above right, Ann Ridle puts the finishing touches on one of the
 Christmas wreaths on the front of the church building.
The tree in the Sanctuary is completed!
As is the tree in Fellowship Hall.
The choir loft also received its traditional Christmas garland,
bows and Christmas star.
The Advent Candle again marked the beginning of the church's celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.



Pictures from November PW Global Exchange Trip to the Caribbean
Below are photos and descriptions from Pam Snyder.
"Madge Saunders Conference Center in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
Just completed 1st full day of the Global Exchange. Focus is
gender violence and human trafficking."
"This the view of the ocean from the top of our hill"


"Beautiful downtown Willemsted"
"Capital of Curaçao.  Got treated to a wonderful lunch by the water
by women of the church.  However, very hot and humid this near
to the equator!"
"Youth Sunday"
" I worshiped today at Emmakirk United Protestant Congregation Church in Curaçao.  It was youth Sunday and lots of singing
and dancing!"
"Emmakirk Church"
"Where I attended Sunday. Visited family service center today where
many youth and families are being helped. I was interviewed tonight by
radio station for an hour. It was broadcast in Holland
and Curaçao. Internet only available sporadically


"Picking up some of the poorer children in our van and transporting
them to church sponsored athletics. 11 yr old girl loved seeing her
"Later we spent the day at a teen pregnancy center and Campo Alegre,
 a prostitute resort run by government. Part of programs sponsored
by SEDA, a local group that provides multiple services for families,
 at risk youth, abused, etc. no pics allowed today!"
"View from back of house I'm staying in. 6 pm"


"With the social worker at a female residential treatment center
in Curaçao."
"Working in a soup kitchen at Ebeneezer United Protestant Church. Served a hundred children soup, bread, and juice, as they got out of school. 5 schools poured in"


"On a tour of the whole island with members of the church board.
Riding on a church bus purchased with a PW grant!  That is a very
large cactus behind me"
"This is what people pay big bucks to fly here and see!  The beach,
not me!"


"We ended our journey back in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. That is our
 national PW Moderator ( chair of board) Mary Jorgensen addressing
the congregation. 2.5 hr service!"
"This is the bulletin that goes with other picture."


"Dusk on our last night. View from Shaw Park Hotel in Ocho Rios,
Jamaica.  Next morning 2 hr bus ride to Montego Bay airport and then
flew home......all day!  See you Sunday!!



OCTOBER - 2014

Installation Day at Second Presbyterian Church

On Sunday, Oct. 5th, Rev. Evan R. Smith was officially installed
by the Shenandoah Presbytery as the new Pastor of Second Church.
Participating were (L-R) Rev. Betty Dax/Waynesboro First,
Rev. David Shearer/Bethel, Elder Doug Sensabaugh/Massanutten,
Elder Bob Ridle/Second Church, (Evan Smith), Rev. Harry Johns,
Elder Betsy Ruehl/Waynesboro First and Rev. Roy Martin/
Transitional Presbyter.
Rev. Roy Martin, the Shenandoah Presbytery's Transitional
Presbyter, delivered the sermon for the installation ceremony.
Rev. Betty Dax delivers the Constitutional Questions to Evan.
Here's a proud family!
Evan's wife, Maria, is flanked by her parents, Elwood and Mary Lou Whitmore.  To the far right is Evan's Mother, Judy Smith.




The Rev. Evan Smith prepares for his first Sunday in Second's pulpit.
Sunday, September 21st, was a special Sunday at Second Presbyterian Church!
After nearly 26 months of Interim Pastorship and various guests leading worship,
we once again had our own full-time Pastor at the helm!
The welcoming sign in front of the church said it all!
Pam Snyder and Nita Wimer chat with the new Pastor
during the welcoming reception in Fellowship Hall following the
Sunday worship service.


AUGUST - 2014

Rev. Evan Smith and wife Maria pose with some of the members of the
congregation who made the trip to Camp Paddy Run on August 23rd. 
Evan was unanimously approved by the Shenandoah Presbytery
to serve as Second Church's next Pastor beginning Sept. 15th.
Part of the contingent of Second Church members who made the
the trip to support our new Pastor at the Presbytery's
quarterly meeting.
The August Presbytery Meeting was held outdoors in a tent at
Camp Paddy Run near Strasburg, VA. 



On Sunday, August 17th, Second Church members gathered in Fellowship Hall to say "goodbye"
to Interim Pastor Harry Johns.  Check out the photos below!
Fellowship Hall was packed with Second Church family listening to
the many touching tributes to Harry.
Of course, no Second Church get-together is complete without
food, and Sunday's event was no exception.
Harry listens to another tribute. 
Harry began his Interim Pastorship in November of
2012 following the departure of Dan Williams.  Harry's leadership
carried the church forward through its Mission Study, formation of
the PNC, and eventual selection of Evan Smith to become the new
Pastor of Second Church.
Harry's sister and brother-in-law, Vicki and Rick Morgan, look on
as Harry shares his thoughts on his time with Second Church.
Saying goodbye. 
Martha Wilkerson (L) and Mark Roberston (R) take a moment to let Harry know how much he'll be missed.
Pictures from August 2014 Mission trip to New York
Pam Snyder and family & friends participated - Below are a few photos and descriptions from Pam.
"This hands-on mission trip was sponsored by Presbyterian Women and working through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.  We stayed at First Presbyterian Church Jamaica, Queens, NY for a week.  We helped restore homes that were ravaged by Super Storm Sandy 2 years ago and our work site was in Far Rockaway, NY.  Like true New Yorkers, we took public transportation to and from the work sites each day (approximately 45 min. each way) and then walked many blocks to and from the bus stops daily.  LOTS of exercise on this trip!"
"Participants were from Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, Kentucky and Maryland.  As national Vice Moderator for
Missions for PW, I served as the group leader for this particular PW trip."
"The picture of the 4 of us inside the house were Pam Snyder, Kemper Snyder, Jaidon Snyder
and Alicia Gleeves (Jaidon’s girlfriend from Staunton who is a freshman at Mary Baldwin
College now.)  The 4 of us went on this trip together."
"The picture taken of us digging the huge pile of dirt was a day
that we had to fill in around an elderly woman’s house (different location in Queens.) Another group had dug a 6’ ditch all around the house in order to apply waterproofing.  No other volunteer groups would come and fill in the ditch so our group of  16 women and 6 students spent a day there in 90 degree weather replacing all the dirt around her foundation."
"The picture taken outside the house was the 4 of us and 4 women
from TN.  We predominantly framed, hung dry wall, taped and
applied mud in that home, as well as replaced door frames and
anything else that needed to be done.  The house had been totally
 gutted and had to be rebuilt.   There are still approximately
300 homes on the Rockaways that need to be rebuilt or
repaired as a result of the storm and associated fires."


JULY - 2014

During July, Second Church's Darlene Mason and Andy Easley made the annual Baja Mission
Trip to Mexico.  Darlene & Andy teamed up with other Presbyterians from the Highland-Augusta
Mission Community to build homes for those in need.
Darlene and Andy are seen here on the beach at Vicente Guerrero.
During each year's Mission Trip the mission teams gather next to
the Pacific Ocean, build a bonfire, and have a worship service to
thank God for his guidance and blessings.
Mom's expression says it all!
Each build team is assigned a family to build for.  Pictured in
front of their new home are Ricardo (Father) and Bertha (Mother),
and their children Miguel (10), Karely (8) and Rena (4).


JUNE - 2014

During June Second Church's Pam Snyder attended the 221st General Assembly of PC-USA
as a PW Representative.  Below are a couple of photos she sent during her time in Detroit.
"Observing Middle East Issues Committee
this week at GA."
"Look who I ran into in Detroit!"


Honoring the Grads!

The Christian Education/Worship Committee of Second Church honored this
year's graduates on Sunday, June 1st.  Here, Allen Dice (L) and Jaidon
Snyder (R) pose with Rev. Harry Johns in the Sanctuary where they received certificates during the Worship service.
After the service, everyone moved to Fellowship Hall for the celebration!
Shown above are (L-R) Jaidon Snyder and Allen Dice.  They both
graduated from Robert E. Lee H.S. in Staunton.
Grad recognition took place in Fellowship Hall.  Shown above
are Allen Dice with his family.
Saluting the grads always includes refreshments.
Shown above are Jaidon Snyder and his family enjoying
the food and drink.


APRIL - 2014

Easter Sunday

Spring flowers grace the Sanctuary on Easter Sunday morning.


Palm Sunday

One of the highlights of the Palm Sunday Worship Service is the
Second Presbyterian Church Bell Choir.


Second Presbyterian Church's Palm Sunday Luncheon this year featured turkey, ham, lamb cakes, drinks
and more.  The more, of course, were the wonderful side dishes brought by members.  Directly below
are some random shots taken by Kay Mader as the food line and tables began to fill in Fellowship Hall!
For pictures of this year's lamb cakes scroll down just a bit further.
As part of Second Presbyterian Church's Palm Sunday Luncheon, members of the congregation bake cakes
to be served as dessert following the meal.  Traditionally the cakes are formed in the appearance of lambs or
crosses symbolizing Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of man.  This year's cakes are shown below.
Lamb Cake - Linda Lickliter
Lamb Cake - William Jack
Cross Cake - Susan Johnson & Family
Lamb Cake - Maxine Robertson
Lamb Cake - Darlene Mason



MARCH - 2014

The 58th session of the "Commission on the Status of Women" got underway in
New York on March 10th.  Among the many delegates were 40 Presbyterians representing
PC (USA), including our own Pam Snyder.  A major focus of this year's meeting was,
" provide access and participation of women and girls to education, training, science, and
technology, including equal access to full employment and decent work."
As the week progressed, Pam provided Second Church with photos and comment
on the events.  They are posted below.
From Pam's March 12th update.
"Betty Jones, my hostess, is on the far right in
red jacket. 85! There is no age limit on advocacy!"
From Pam's March 12th update.
"The raised flags indicate the UN is in session."


From Pam's March 12th update.
"I worshiped Sunday at Church of the Master in W. Harlem.
These are the Silver Strand dancers - all are 75+!"
From Pam's March 12th update.
"We are discussing the work of the Sudan Women General Union
that works to eradicate illiteracy among women in Sudan, strives for
better maternal and child health care and to stop harmful cultural
practices such as FGM."


From Pam's March 11th update.

"Protestors at the UN."


From Pam's March 10th update.
"The opening Session of the CSW at the UN this morning. I'm sitting
beside Renata Fliegner from the School of Medicine, University Notre
Dame, Australia. Another new friend in advocacy!"


From Pam's March 8th update.
"Today is International Women's Day globally. We were blessed at the
Ecumenical Women's worship this morning by Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka,
Executive Director of UN Women. From L to R, Pam, Ms Mlambo-Ngcuka,
Carolyn Sprinkle PW from NC.  More to come as the week progresses!"


From Pam's March 8th update.

"The Millennium Development Goals."



Sunday, March 2nd, was PW Sunday at Second Church.  Mary Lou Cox (above) led the
morning worship service.  She and her husband Bill serve 3 tiny congregations in Pocahontas
County, WV.


JANUARY - 2014

Rev. Harry Johns (Standing Center) leads the new Session of Second Presbyterian Church
which gathered for the first time on Wednesday, January 29th.  New to the Session this year were
Woodie Wimer and Dick Robinson.  Returning to the Session were Frank Brown and Mark Robertson.
Typically the Session meets in the more spacious Fellowship Hall, but this meeting was held in the Sanger
classroom, which required a very high camera angle in order to get everyone in!

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