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Scroll down the page to view pictures of recent activities of Second Church and its members!  Photo contributors include Kay Mader, Pam Snyder, Bob Ridle, Doug Sensabaugh, Sue Gochenour, James Mader & Andy Easley.

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Scenes from this year's Christmas Family Night Dinner

Scenes from this year's Christmas Cantata Service

Ringing the Bells

Once again Second Presbyterian Church folks volunteered to help
the Salvation Army during its annual Christmas Kettle Campaign.
Above William Jack and Stewart Sherwood ring the bells in front of
Walmart's Home entrance.
Paul Wolfe and Chuck Blackley look on as a young shopper makes
her contribution.  Funds raised by the Salvation Army benefit children
and adults in need during the Christmas Season.
From morning 'til night on Saturday, December 7th, Second Church
volunteers kept the appeal going.  Beckie Sherwood and Pat Blackley
take their turn in front of the Salvation Army's familiar kettle.
When the sun goes down and the temperatures drop, the well
bundled "night crew" moves in.  Jim Mader and Dick Robinson
continue Second Church's volunteer efforts.


Hanging Of The Green

Second Church's Christmas Tree begins to take shape in the
Sanctuary.  (L-R) Rev. Harry Johns, Andy Easley, James Mader
and Frank Brown assist in the decorating.
And here the final touches are put into place as Harry Johns
hands Alan Archer another ornament.


If you look very carefully at the right-hand side of this photo, you
can see Chuck Blackley adjusting the balcony's lighted Christmas
Here Mark Roberston is seen mounting the Christmas Star above
the Communion Table area.


The outside of Second Church gets some decorations too.  Above
Mary Rainey and Carolyn Brown plant some miniature Christmas trees
in the Church's planters beneath the Christmas wreaths.
Spreading the good new of Christ's birth was also going on in Fellowship
Hall as well.  Betty Clemmer, Gennivee Carey, Betty Casiday and
Barbara Daugherty are seen here taking a brief break after preparing
many of the displays to be included in the Church's Manger Scene.


Beth Ramsey, Brittany Ramsey, Frank Brown, Kay Mader and Pat
Blackley work on setting up the Fellowship Hall Christmas Tree.
In case you're wondering, that's Hoppy Casiday on the stage floor
behind Kay!
Even the Fellowship Hall display case gets a Christmas make-over.
Here Darlene Mason is seen working on one of the displays.
If you look very carefully in the upper left-hand corner of this photo,
you can just make out the chin and arm of Andy Easley, as he locates
a loose ornament.



Presbyterian Women collected canned goods for the Valley Mission in November.
 The Congregation's donations were delivered in time for Thanksgiving.


Every November Second Church's Communion Table is turned into a festive Harvest Table.
Presbyterian Women carry on this tradition begun decades ago by the late Eunice Wenger, who would
bring fall items from her garden and farm to decorate the Church's table during the Thanksgiving
season.  Eunice, who was a Life Member of PW, would definitely approve of this year's beautiful
Harvest Table!


OCTOBER - 2013

Sue Gochenour (L) presents the 2013 PW Lifetime Membership Award to Kathy Holsinger.


At the Congregational Meeting on October 27th, five members were elected to serve on the Church's
PNC (Pastor Nominating Committee).  The PNC is charged with the duty of finding Second Church's
next full-time Pastor.  Selected were (Front) Darlene Mason, Linda Lickliter, Brooke Sedr,
(Rear) Andy Easley and Bob Ridle.


At the Congregational Meeting on October 27th, members elected four Elders to the
Class of 2016.  Selected were (L-R) Woodie Wimer, Dick Robinson, Mark Robertson, and
(not pictured) Frank Brown.



Pam Snyder's "Women of Reformation" trip moves into the month of September.
For a look at the first 5 days, see the month of August postings below.

Day 6

Pam continues her trip in France with a Sunday worship service held outdoors. 
(L) The program from the service.  (R) A picture of some of the thousands
of Reformed Christians in attendance.

Day 7

Back in Switzerland, the two pictures above were taken during a visit and worship service at the World Council of Churches (WCC)
Headquarters in Geneva.  The Presbyterian Church USA is a member of the Council.

Day 8

Here's Pam in front of the Red Cross
International Museum in Geneva.
Next stop...home!



AUGUST - 2013

In her capacity as Vice-Moderator for Mission Relations for PW Churchwide Coordinating, Second Church's Pam Snyder is on the
move again.  This time, as part of PW's "Women of Reformation"
trip, Pam finds herself in Europe.  As Pam's pictures begin to
reach us, we'll post them below.
Day 1
Here's Pam in her own words...
"Arrived safely into Geneva. We are staying
at the John Knox Center built by Presbyterians. Beautiful property with views of mountains and Lake Geneva."


Day 2

Pam's journey continues in Switzerland.  Above (L) she arrives at the Museum of the Reformation in Geneva.  Outside (C) is
displayed a replica of a Huguenot Cross, while nearby (R) is the famed Reformation Wall with John Calvin second from left.


Day 3

This is a travel day.
Pam is on the move again, departing Switzerland for Southern
France.  Between transferring from a bus to the train, she stops by
 the headquarters of World Health Organization in Geneva.

Day 4

Pam has arrived in Southern France on the shores of the Mediterranean.
(L) "We are now in Paslava for ice cream and enjoying an hour on the beach!"
 (R) "Aige Mortes in Provence region. Built in 1240. This is the tower of Constance
where they held the Protestant women as prisoners."

Day 5

The influence of the Roman Empire can be
seen throughout France (Gaul to the Romans).
Here Pam is standing beneath an aqueduct
known as Pont du Gard.



Happy Birthday!

At the Second Church picnic in August, long-time Church member Louie
Van Fossen marked his 87th birthday.  Flanking Louie are wife Betty on the left
and daughter Donna on the right.


Pam Snyder's July may have been relatively quiet, but August 1st found her on the
move again.  In her capacity as Vice-Moderator for Mission Relations for PW Churchwide
 Coordinating, she found herself in Louisville for the Big Tent event, as well as a PW Creative
Ministries Offering Committee meeting.  During that meeting recipients were selected for
nest spring's Birthday Offering.  Below are some photos from her trip to Kentucky.
Pam arrives at the Big Tent event
in Louisville.
The Hunger Program staff shares
a lighter moment!
Pam pauses with some of the Mid-East and
Asian Representatives at the meeting.


JUNE - 2013

Second Church's Pam Snyder was on the road again for Presbyterian Women.  As
Vice-Moderator for Mission Relations for PW Churchwide Coordinating, she participated in
PW's "USA Mission Experience".  Travelling with 22 other Presbyterian Women from around
the United States (as far away as Alaska), Pam learned about the culture and issues of the
mountain people of Appalachia.  Below are some photos from her journey.
Here Pam is getting ready to head up the trail to a former
mission school near Cedar Creek, TN.  The school was founded
by Presbyterians in 1901.
Some of the artifacts hanging on the wall of a home near
Cedar Creek.  The home belongs to a Cherokee Native
American who carves flutes.  Presbyterians work with
"Living Waters for the World" to help supply clean water
to the most needy living in Appalachia.
Yes Virginia, there is a "Chuckey" Tennessee...and even a
Chuckey Presbyterian Church.  On Sunday (6/23) the PW
group worshiped at the Zion Presbyterian Church where 26
warm congregants welcomed the group.  The youngest members
were in their 70's and there were no children present.
Pam stops in front of the "Tooth Bus" at Ashville's Mission
Children's Hospital.  This mobile unit brings needed dental
care to the poor of Appalachia, and was the recipient of a PW
Birthday Offering from Second Church.
One of the PW Group's stops included Montreat in North Carolina where a music conference was
underway.  That morning's Worship Service featured hand chimes, bell ringers and 900 folks praising
the Lord!


Graduation Time!

(Left)  2013 Graduates were honored at Second Church on Sunday, June 9th.  From left to right, this year's graduates were
Kriston Snyder-BRCC School of Nursing, Brittany Ramsey-Buffalo Gap H.S. & Alex Moyer and Matthew Johnson-Lee H.S.
(Right) The cake says it all!


MAY - 2013

Sunday, May 19th was Pentecost Sunday and Second Church was full of activity.
In addition to this Sunday being an occasion for celebrating the Lord's Supper with the
Sacrament of Communion, it was also the day for the first "Patio Party" of the season.
See pictures below.
Below is Rev. Harry Johns "breaking bread" during the Communion Service.
Elders assisting were (L-R) James Mader, Barbara Daugherty, Andy Easley, Stewart Sherwood,
Larry Brown and Sue Gochenour.
(Left) Due to the rain the May 19th "Patio Party" could not be held on the patio.  So the refreshments were moved
indoors to Fellowship Hall.
(Right) Patio Parties are put together by the Membership,Outreach & Community Service Committee.  Shown
(L-R) are Barbara Daugherty, Betty Cassiday, William Jack and Pat Blackley.


APRIL - 2013

Second Presbyterian Church's Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser was held on April 16th.  This annual
event raises funds to support the Highland-Augusta Mission Community's July trip to Baja
Mexico to build desperately needed dwellings for the Oaxacan Indians in that area.  This year's
turnout was the largest ever, with lots of new faces seen in Fellowship Hall and over $1,000 being
raised!  The Mission Committee of Second Church  thanks all the participants who helped put the
dinner together, and those who turned out to enjoy the food and give so generously.
Below are are few pictures of the event.
(Left) Second Church's Andy Easley, a Baja Team Member, puts the finishing touches on his Baja display.  Andy's
display included a slide show of previous builds in Vicente Guerrero, along with a soundtrack of native music.
(Right) Earl Flower (L) and Rev. Harry Johns (R) stand mesmerized by Andy's video show.
(Left) The gigantic baked potatoes were available with a wide array of toppings, including hot chili.  Here Bob Ridle is
 seen taste testing Sue Gochenour's recipe for the appropriate amount of "heat"!
(Right) Willis Clemmer displays a heart shaped baked potato.  The potato was set aside especially for Willis and Betty,
who celebrated their 64th Wedding Anniversary with their Second Church family at the Baked Potato Bar event!
(Left) Nancy Swisher sets out another pan of desserts for hungry diners.
(Right) Betty Landes slices up the brownies into convenient serving sizes.


Second Church's Pam Snyder was on the road again for Presbyterian Women.  As
Vice-Moderator for Mission Relations for PW Churchwide Coordinating, she attended the
Religion Communications Conference in Indianapolis, April 5th through the 8th.  Presbyterian
Women won several awards at the event for Horizons Bible Study and Horizons Magazine. 
 Part of the scheduled activities included a visit to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway hosted
by the IndyCar Ministry.
Tour participants enjoyed the displays including a plaque (L) outlining Danica Patrick's history making run
at Indy in 2005, as well as Danica's car at right.

MARCH - 2013

Second Church's Fellowship Hall Display Case featured pictures of members of the
congregation when they were children, and the turnout of childhood photos was fantastic.
Some photos you recognize and some you don't...some were real foolers!  The photos were on
display through the month of April.


As part of Second Presbyterian Church's Palm Sunday Luncheon, members of the congregation bake cakes
to be served as dessert following the meal.  Traditionally the cakes are formed in the appearance of lambs or
crosses symbolizing Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of man.  This year's cakes are shown below.
Cross Cake - Emily Johnson
(with assistance from Mom, Susan)
Lamb Cake - Darlene Mason
Lamb Cake - Linda Lickliter
Lamb Cake - Nancy Swisher
Lamb Cake - William Jack
Lamb Cake - Betty Casiday
Lamb Cake - Maxine Robertson



Friday, March 8th, was the day for the International Women's Day March to the UN, including the Delegates from Presbyterian Women around the world.  The marchers, including Second Church's Pam Snyder, were unhampered by the snow and wind in the Big Apple. The turnout exceeded 1,000 participants.  For more on this year's UN Commission on the Status of Women, and Pam's
participation, scroll down the page.
PW marchers on their way to the rendezvous point.  Second Church's Pam Snyder is second from left.
PW Delegates Lillian Oats-Arizona (L) and Louise Davidson-Ohio (R) lead the chant, "We are unstoppable.
Another world is possible".
Marchers arrive at the steps of the UN Building, Pam Snyder is center.
Delegate Betty Jones-New York, Pam's host in New York City.
PW Delegate Pam Snyder recently participated in the UN Commission on the Status of Women. 
The event took place in New York City.  On the left she's shown meeting with Iraq's UN Ambassador, Dr. Hamid Al-Bayati on Thursday, March 7th.  In the photo on the right, Pam is holding one of the many signs created for the International Women's Day March which took place Friday, March 8th.


Second Church's Pam Snyder (R) attended the UN Commission on the Status of Women in
New York City March 1-8.  Pam was a delegate from Presbyterian Women and joined attendees
from over 180 countries at the UN.  On the left she's meeting with a leader from Peru.  In the picture on the right Pam is shown with PW friends from New Zealand...the Rev. Pam Tankersley in the middle, and Delegate Leasi Faaolataga on the right.  Leasi's name means "Salvation"!


Andy Easley (L) and Bob Ridle (R) were in attendance at the Shenandoah Presbytery's first
ever website training course on March 2nd.  The Presbytery's own team of volunteer
instructors were getting Church Webmasters familiar with the use of the WordPress
program for designing and maintaining websites.  This, and future sessions, will allow
for more attractive and better focused church sites, while reducing costs.


Familiar faces were in attendance as the Salvation Army honored its 2012 volunteers with a
luncheon on February 21st.  Pictured - Stewart Sherwood, Linda Fry & Jerry Fry (L) and
Beth Ramsey, Pat Blackley & Chuck Blackley (R).  Also honored, but not pictured, were
WilliamJack, Betty & Hoppy Casiday and Bob Ridle.


Scenes from the February 3rd Worship Service

PW's Mary Rainey is pictured here with one of the blankets typically provided by the
Presbyterian Women through Church World Services.  The PW "Blankets Plus" program
helps supply not only blankets, but other needed items to people in disaster situations at home and around the world.  The program is helping victims in New Jersey, New York and other states who were devastated by Superstorm Sandy.  Donations are being accepted through March 3rd.


Pastor Harry Johns and PW's Mary Rainey lead the congregation in the Commissioning
of Pam Snyder (R) as a Delegate to the 57th UN Commission on the Status of Women.

JANUARY - 2013

The Class of 2015 begins its Session Duties.

Moderator Harry Johns and Clerk of Session Nancy Swisher lead the January Session
Meeting.  This was the first meeting involving the the new Class of 2015 members.

Weekday Bible Study Returns!

Rev. Harry Johns begins his first weekday Bible Study Class at Second Church.  Twenty One
participants were eager to resume studies at the Tuesday, Jan. 15th morning session.  There
were both morning (11 AM) and evening (7 PM) classes Tuesdays through March 26th.
The Winter Session covered the Gospel of Mark.
The Spring Bible Study Session, April 2nd through May 28th, covered material pertinent to
the Church's "Mission Study", as well as Hosea.

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